How To Create A Catchy Research Topic
December 20, 2018
Those of you who compete for research funding, listen up: not only does your topic need academic merit, it needs to be catchy to compete. Here's how to do it.

Earn A Public Policy Degree For A Modern Career
December 14, 2018
Public policy studies offer graduates a deep dive into the inner workings of how governments work -- voting, regulations, court decisions, federal, state, and local laws -- and how we, the people, interact with all of it. What makes it interesting? Well, it’s not all the nitty gritty of political ...

Why Textbooks Won't Disappear
December 14, 2018
Despite declarations of their deaths many times over, it doesn't look like textbooks are leaving any time soon. Obsolete? Maybe. Maybe not. Here's why textbooks aren't going anywhere.

Why You Should Study Business in Europe
December 12, 2018
Looking for an advanced business degree abroad? Europe may be just the place for you. Its size offers boundless opportunity, but it’s easy to navigate with many possibilities for exploration. You’ll find some of the globe’s biggest economic centers in addition to receiving a world-class educat...

Four Reasons to Study Arts Management in Italy
December 10, 2018
Arts management is the organization and administration of arts entities such as theaters, museums, and galleries. Like most management roles, arts management involves dealing with staff, marketing, fundraising and budgeting, and PR, among other things. But creative arts is a special sector where a m...

Why an International Affairs Degree Promises You a Bright Career
December 7, 2018
We are living in uncertain times. Globalization, migration, climate change, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and cybersecurity are just a few of the challenges we face as a planet in the 21st century. Together, they make up the profound scope of international relations, which deals with how nations...

In These US Cities, You Won't Regret Having A College Degree
December 6, 2018
Think college degrees are a dime a dozen? Think again. Magnify Money recently unveiled data showing having a degree in certain places has a disproportionate advantage. Let's explore at the seven cities across the US where having a degree matters the most...

Why Studying Economics is Vital in Today's World
November 30, 2018
If you watch the news at all, you probably hear the word 'economy' tossed around a lot. But if you’re like many people, you may not understand what economics is and why it matters so much. Here’s a closer look at the discipline, along with why it’s an essential area of study.

Seven Fields of Study That Are Booming Right Now
November 29, 2018
Want to go into the next hottest field? Consider this list of possibilities of careers for the future.

The Real History of the First Thanksgiving and Seven More Things You Probably Didn’t Learn in School
November 22, 2018
Just what is so special about this holiday? Let’s take a closer look at the legend behind it, the truth of it now, and some things you might not know. Pro-tip: learn them quick - these may be safer topics for the dinner table than current events and modern politics.


December 24, 2018

Christmas comes once a year. 'Tis fortunate that it's now, at least in the UK, as some UK business may pay your tuition. What? Read on, friends, read ...

December 21, 2018

The proportion of university students in the UK who are dyslexic has been steadily rising in recent years. And while dyslexic students now comprise fi...

December 18, 2018

With Australia facing a shortfall of employees with critical IT skills, technology consulting leader Infosys has announced plans to create 1,200 local...